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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

Hi guys. We did it, we took the plunge and started a blog. This will eventually be more than just a blog… but we can’t spill all our beans right away… we will be left without food… uhh what? Was that funny? No.. Okay?

This is Bristol writing this, if you didn’t figure it out right away. SO, HELLO!!! Welcome to JBKB– Josh Bristol Kambria Berlyn. That is what it stands for, US! Also, Just Be Kind Because… a little somethin’ somethin’  I thought of and try to live by. This blog will be about us and everything that describes us and everything we love. 

We won’t bore you with all the details about us.. we’ll just share some 😉 We are a family of 4 currently residing in New Mexico. Not NEW, not MEXICO.. Just FYI. We have 3 animals. A dog, cat and a bunny. We do not need anymore. We love to spend quality time together as family and find local events to attend. Thank you for being here and for all the love! 

Want us to blog about something particular? Drop us a comment or send us an email!! XXX

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